The Art Fair is a little over a month away- December 2nd.

My reductive woodcut print is now titled “Threshold Voltage” and is an edition of nine. I plan on mounting all nine and having a few to sell at the art fair. With it being four layers, I believe I can sell it for quite a bit more because of the time I put into it.

The supplies I ordered to mat and frame my photographs are starting to get in. My business cards and sign should arrive in the next few days. I’m excited to see everything start coming together.

As the semester is coming to an end, I’m starting to focus on my classes for next semester. My plan is to do an independent study on the printmaking processes I’ve learned this semester. I’m hoping I can do a reductive woodcut print that has several panels. And to do larger solar plates and possibly do layers with them.

My final project for my printmaking class is coming up. It’s called the voice box project and can consist of almost anything  I plan to create a box amd incorporate the solar plate and letterpress processes.

I know someone that is interested in doing alternative processes of photography so I’m thinking about cyanotypes and digital negatives again.


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