Yesterday was the last day to work on the letterpress during class time. I was able to get 4 prints done in about 90 minutes. I learned that cleaning the ink off after each print makes it easier to ink for the next. You can see what has ink and what doesn’t.

This weekend while I’m in KC, I will be going to Dick BLICK to see if they have Stonehenge paper in stock. If the paper is in stock, I plan on doing a few more prints next week (I love this Stonehenge paper!!).

Blocking in
Blocking in
4 prints
4 prints

I’m almost ready for the art fair. Just need a few more things. I feel like I’m more prepared for this because I used to attend all the art fairs in KC.

I submitted a couple of pieces for the Cow Creek Review, the literary and arts book that is published and set out on the Pittsburg State campus.

I need to contact Root Café for next semester. Portico wants me to have my woodcut prints displayed in their gallery.

I need to contact a gallery space at First Fridays in KC to also have work displayed there.


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