So… This is my last semester at Pitt State. Week one is finished and only 15 more to go. I’ve decided to photograph some skulls that a professor on campus collects, that is after I get her permission. This will tie in with the skull triptych that I’m creating for my printmaking independent study. I just know I will be creating work like crazy! My life sculpture class has started off with a bang. Our first project was influenced by masks in a sense that they have emotion and are proportionate. Someone recently told me that my eyes have an Egyptian look to them so I’m taking that as inspiration for this project. My idea right now is to create a sphinx body with a human head, possibly wearing a sphinx mask. Because Egyptians worshipped cats and I have this weird aesthetic that some ugly things become adorable.

Today in exhibition and design, we started hanging Collective Fusion, a faculty curated exhibit. I think that class will cause a lot of stress this semester but I’m hoping since I’m creating so much work already, the majority of the work can be done during the class period.


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