Blog post #1 for critique (both classes)

My name is Jessica Purevich. I am a 2D artist. I am a photographer and have recently gotten into printmaking. My work is tied into human anatomy and medicine. This semester I am working on woodcuts that are all anatomy related- a heart, skull triptych, and a body triptych. I’m also trying to start a photography project that relates to skulls. I am tying all my different art classes together by the underlying anatomy theme. With this underlying theme, I can create a better portfolio and start working towards getting my work into exhibitions.

I don’t have many artist inspirations for these projects as they are still new and haven’t found an exact aesthetic. I have found an artist that creates handheld printmaking presses that I thought about using for my printmaking triptychs.

These are some of the images from last semester’s printmaking class and a few sketches of what I’m planning for this semester of printmaking.



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