Blog Post #2 for second critique (class #3)

I learned the easiest way to write my posts, is to write what happened on critique days later that evening while it’s still fresh in my mind (bullet points). And then later write what I’m currently working on and what has changed since the previous critique.

  • As a senior, I need to have a theme in my artwork. This first critique helped me bring my multiple ideas and mediums together. Everyone had such great comments which brought many new ideas to mind and all were written in my sketchbook.
  • Someone brought up that I could include the different mediums like layers, it made me think of layers of skin. Each layer is completely different and on its own it doesn’t do much, but with all the layers together you get something complete.
  • Because of my obsession with being anatomically correct, two others suggested researching diseases or purposely making something incorrect. Or I could include something cliche with the anatomically correct.
  • I loved my physics class so much that I thought about turning it into a minor. The thought came up of incorporating physics into my printmaking. I thought I could do something brain related because of the one side being more scientific and the other being artistic.
  • With my heart woodcut, I thought about having the technical terms printed on it and arrows directing the blood flow. It was suggested to me that I could use a quote and position it in a certain way around the print so that it is read the way I want.
  • I brought the silhouette/first ink layer of my heart woodcut to critique. Some people liked this because it took more thought to try to figure out what it is.
  • With this heart woodcut, I could include an EKG.
  • I have a subject but I need to include content. I could pick an organ system to focus on. I could choose something that fills my heart. This turned into focusing on the people I love and the diseases they have. I did a photography series before and had this same idea but I love that this incorporates so many ideas from today. It includes the anatomically correct, the diseases, content, emotion, and I can include multiple mediums. I already have a few people in mind and need to do research on their condition.
  • I want to try to bring cyanotypes into printmaking because I loved creating those in the alternative processes to photography class.
  • A completely random thought, but I think it would be fun to research mercury poisoning and the cliche mad hatters. Ever since I learned about this concept, it’s stuck with me. I’ve always found it interesting.
  • I keep doing letterpress quotes by themselves. I want to keep playing with colors and type size. This is for myself, to have fun and relax.

After letting all this information sink in, I’ve decided to do multi-media projects. I am doing two pieces. Each is over someone very important to me whom has a medical disease which strongly affects their lives and the lives of people who care about them. I am including photographs, woodcut, and letterpress in these pieces.

The one thing I would like to work on is including more textures in my woodcuts. That is one of the main focuses of wood cuts, that you can create so many textures. Stephen Alcorn uses many textures including fabrics and hair. Nick Wroblewski uses vibrant colors in many of his pieces. Bridget Henry almost creates a story within her woodcuts: from a man sitting inside of a whale, two people embracing each other, or a fight between two enemies.

After meeting with Josie and Emi today, March 1st, I’ve decided to start editing the photos of my mom and Jan to create the idea. The woodcut needs to add to that. I need to print the photos on different paper and sketch my woodcut ideas over them. These are the next steps I plan on taking before the next critique.

Mom woodcut Jan woodcutart letterpressbleeding heart woodcutdisney letterpressheart woodcut first layer


I picked Molly for this first post. She works with digital manipulation of her own photographs. Her newest theme is inspired by cubism. She is using multiple photographs of people and combining them into one image. She is also influenced by Jerry Uelsmann and Sean Kernan. Both of these artists work mainly in black and white. I believe with the way she edits the photographs, the black and white is a good choice. If there was also color, I think the end images will be too chaotic.

I found an artist that does digital manipulation both in black and white and color. Although it isn’t portraits, I like that the edits aren’t obviously fake. Dariusz Klimczak

Molly’s blog


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