Blog post #3 for second critique (class #2)

Today, Friday, February 19th, I brought my woodcut ideas to critique. I have done research on two different diseases that affect people that mean the world to me. I want to portray their stories within the multi-medium projects I have in mind. I want to include photographs, woodcuts, and letterpress.

With Jan’s, they suggested having photographs of her in her space and including woodcut lungs on top and then the letterpress words that still stand out. One thing that stands out to me, they said it’s like a book, telling a story so I’m thinking of making the disease as a title. And I want to incorporate words or short phrases that Jan has said while working through this process.

The other woodcut, is about my mother’s eye condition. Talking about this sparked a bunch of other ideas that my teacher suggested as writing down and keeping them to make other series. I want to include the idea of losing peripheral vision or night vision into this project. A series idea that came to mind is making photographs that are degenerative because this disease will keep getting worse, she will continually lose her eyesight. Another thing that sparks another series, is that this disease is inherited. That scares me. Vitamin A is supposed to help with eyesight but because of the high dose she is on, it’s starting to harm her liver. I want to incorporate these different aspects into the project. I don’t have any phrases to include on letterpress though.


I started taking photographs of each person and need to edit a few of them in different ways. With my mother’s photographs, I want to edit the photos in a way that will make the viewer question what they are seeing. I want them to see the photo in a way she sees the world.

I took photos of Jan at her work. She said the dog in her pictures, wandered into the lobby a couple days before and she was watching her until they could find a home. She named her Justice. This sparked an emotion because the week or two before, Jan had to put her dog, Chewy, down. He was having troubles and there wasn’t much she could do for him.

I want to take more photographs that aren’t purposely positioned. The one of my mom stands out from all the others of her because this is a laugh and smile that happened during the middle of a conversation. Its a photograph of a true emotion.

jan IMG_1021 IMG_1077IMG_1071



From the critique class last year, Cameron brought in pencil portraits of celebrities. This year he is focusing on his research paper topic-skateboards. He is working on the evolution of skateboards and the different components of it. I suggested in class that he sketches these skateboards/longboards/surfboards in a way that it looks like a portrait. I believe color could be useful because most boards are very colorful and represent the owner. These sketches could be done in a smaller format and then printed larger, almost poster size.

Three Decades of Skate Art

Skate Decks


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