Blog Post #3 for third critique (class #3)

For the second critique, the students were supposed to seek out a teacher that they don’t get regular feedback from and critique their work. I set up meetings with both Josie and Emi. I chose Josie because she was in the first critiques from both classes and has a grasp on my idea. I chose Emi because of her visual storytelling background. I wanted to make sure my idea was coming across in my pieces.

Josie suggested that I edit my photographs in multiple ways, have them printed on different papers, and then sketch my woodcut ideas over them. That will give me a sense of the direction I want to go. I could bring these different pieces to the next critique and see which ones are preferred by other artists and the public. She suggested using mod podge to adhere my photographs onto the paper that the woodcut will be on. I want to play with different colors between the photographs and the woodcut ink. My only worry, is about the woodcut smearing ink across the photograph when it goes under the press. I don’t know if a glossy photo will cause it to mess up. And because of the different paper types, the ink might take longer to dry.

mom with tunnel and color lossjan black and white

These are two photographs that I’ve edited for this project. I wanted the one of my mother to be dark around the outside to create the sense of tunnel vision. I also muted the colors because she can’t tell the difference between blacks, dark blues, dark greens, and dark purples. With Jan’s, I enjoyed this photograph because it gives a sense of her caring personality. She always wants to make others happy and wants to make her little piece of this world a better place. When I thought about her condition, I thought about the fact that in old cartoons, things that are hardening or dying, turn gray. I used this concept with her photograph because her lung is slowly dying and makes it harder for her to breathe.

I plan on getting more photographs over spring break and editing them. I want to print on regular photo paper, transparency sheet, tracing paper, and possibly directly on my stonehenge paper. If I print on the stonehenge, I know the woodcuts will work the way I need them to. I think the transparency sheets and the tracing paper will give me the effect I’m looking for for my mother’s piece.



Gretchen is working on illustrations and printmaking this semester. Her woodcuts are nature related which connects to her love of biology. She is working on illustrations of the states which include components such as the state bird, flower, animal, etc. I like her use of colors in her illustrations. With the Kansas illustration, I like how the sunflower overlays the state border but I don’t think every piece needs to. The bird or bison could have been included within the border almost as if the border is the ground it is standing on. I believe she could take her woodcuts further by creating them almost as taxonomy. She could use smaller boards and woodcut these animals/plants, illustrate a background, and letterpress the name of the animal/plant as one would find in a book.

Claire Emery

Fred Montague

even though these are simpler woodcuts, I like how it is focused on one animal. Gretchen could use more colors and detail but only include one figure.


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