Blog Post Artist Lecture (both classes)

IDEA Series

Vance Randolph- Pittsburg’s Folklore Expert by Steve Cox

Vance Randolph is a Pittstate alumn and taught science at Pittsburg high school. He got connected with socialist publishing groups in Girard. He began writing for the newspaper and made little blue books. Emanuel Haldeman-Julius got Randolph into his writing career. He wanted reading in the hands of anyone. Randolph would record and write down folk songs which he kept authentic by using the grammar of the people singing them. “A folk tale’s charm lies largely in its lack of polish”

Monkey Business in Southeast Kansas by Don Viney

The Scopes Monkey trial started in 1925 when it was agreed that a test of the Butler Act would occur. William Brandenburg was an outspoken opponent of evolution. He was a close friend of Harry Rimmer and was a fundamentalist. John Scott held a civics class and had them do mock trials. Brandenburg shut down these mock trials and had Scott relieved of his class. He denied that the removal had anything to do with the evolution debate. Scopes was convicted and Darrow came to southeast Kansas in August of 1925.

Jayhawks and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!: College Mascots and Civil War Memory by Megan L. Bever

KU and Mizzou had a rivalry game known as the border showdown. Both teams’ mascots can be traced back to the 1860s. The Jayhawks were Kansan gorilla soldiers during the debate of Kansas being a free state or slave state. The Tigers started during the civil war when Columbia was divided and sided with the confederacy. In 1864 there was an alliance between the people of Columbia and the federal soldiers. The home guard units were called Columbia tigers and they were supposed to protect the town from gorilla soldiers.

Exploring Memories and Materials in the Pittsburg State University Special Collections by James Greene


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