After getting through this week, the second half of the semester has started, I feel more motivation.



I finished printing my skull woodcuts. I love the way the silver ink printed on the black paper. I also did a blue ink on a pale blue paper.





We had to hang vinyl in senior exhibition. We had to make sure it was level. The pieces of vinyl weren’t complete words so I transformed burg State into butt state. This ended up making the task harder because each letter had to be put up separately. Making sure it is still level and each letter is the same distance apart is a hard task.


alzheimer's crazy eye socket green  These four images are from the skull photography series I’m doing. I wanted to incorporate bright colors for the background and make it playful. Juxtapose the seriousness and death of a skull to a liveliness and fun of a bright color. Also, the bubbles have symbolism and I think they also add to the playfulness. I started playing with the editing which is why the second image is crazy. The first image with the purple ribbon was for Alzheimer’s. I wanted to portray diseases and illnesses with this series. I want to get some puzzle pieces for autism. I’m trying to think of ways to portray other diseases since they aren’t physically apparent. I think instead of having objects in the scene, it will rely more on editing.

IMG_5460 IMG_5467

These images were before and after the first kiln firing. This had my sphinx cat and the mandible piece. I had to epoxy a few of the pieces back together but I think that adds to it. Nothing is perfect and things need to be fixed, just like medicine.




IMG_0431 These are my three skulls from life sculpture. I wanted to do skulls because I was doing them in both of my independent studies. I wanted the classes to tie together with a theme. Two of these skulls have a sense of emotion. I’m thinking about doing a couple more to portray other emotions.




full body This is my idea for my skull triptych. I need to get the wood cut for this. I should be able to fit two prints on one piece of Stonehenge paper. I want the head to be of bone and flow into the abdomen by having the ribs. The abdomen is organs which will flow into the legs by having the rectum and colon. Then the legs will be of muscle. I haven’t decided if I’m doing multiple colors or just one. I think one color is working out on my prints this semester better than multiple colors. I’ll see once I get the board and the image transferred.


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