Bog Post #4 for third critique (class #2)

Today, I brought printed images of my mother and Jan to class. I tried printing them on different types of papers to get the effect I was looking for. It was suggested to me that I use a matte photographic paper for these multi-media projects. I think this could work but will have to test how the ink from the woodcuts will print over it.

Another suggestion was to print just the chiaroscuro/tunnel vision on a sheet of transparency and placing a portrait of my mother behind that. I thought about leaving a space between the two sheets when it is framed. Also, someone stated that I should use two eyes in my woodcut because the disease does affect both eyes.

I have picked an image for Jan and saw that by drawing lungs on tracing paper that each lung envelops her and the dog. I do like the black and white of the photograph for her piece.


I chose this photo of Jan because it is of her at work. She loves her job as a police dispatcher. A week or two before I took this photo, she had to put her dog down due to medical conditions. The dog in the picture walked into their lobby a few days before and Jan was watching her until she could find a permanent home for the dog. Jan is a very caring individual and does whatever she can to make others happy. I feel that this image really captures that part of her.

mom with tunnel and color loss

This is the photo I had intended on using for my mother. I like the fact that it is a genuine smile. It’s not staged for the camera or a posed position. I’m going to try to get more photographs of her this weekend since it is Easter and will be around the house. From my viewpoint, she is a mother and being at home is her space. For these pieces, I wanted viewers to see the people I have photographed and get a sense of their disease and who they are as a person. I think if I could get images of my mom while she is cooking that would portray that she is a mother, not just another person. Or maybe get photos of her and myself together because of the fact that the disease is degenerative. I could use the two eyes on the woodcut to envelop both of us in the same sense as the lungs enveloping Jan and the dog.

April 6-

I got both the lungs and eye transferred to my woodcut boards. I’ll start carving on those and possibly have them ready on Friday to see. Also, I got photographs printed, my mom on the matte and Jan on the glossy. I used the glossy for Jan because its only the photograph and the woodcut. I want to print on Stonehenge paper and print my woodcut directly over that. My mom’s I chose to do on matte paper because of the chiaroscuro on the transparent which is already glossy.

lungs woodcut these are the lungs. I made sure to write was to be carved out.

Artist Post: Ashley Tyson

I suggested to Ashley in class that a panorama of the clouds would really make the viewer feel like they are in the space. Molly Mcvey had a similar concept of taking photographs and adding line work to them, I believe she did hers digitally. I think adding light color to the line work only pieces could really enhance them. Almost make the viewer question what they are seeing. The clouds could be transformed into mountains or a beach. I think it would be interesting to juxtapose the original cloud image next to the transformed ones. clouds I think this link shows good examples of clouds. The colors make the image stand out, also it talks about processing steps. There is a lot that could be done with this concept, I believe it needs to be played with a little more and taken even further.


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