This past week has gone by fast!

Sunday- I was able to be in the printmaking studio. I redid my See No Evil woodcut, got the three letterpress quotes printed for that, and got my body triptych image transferred to the board.

Tuesday- I took photos of a skull with tulips around campus. I got my skull triptych piece mounted (that was a lot of cutting). I’m really proud of that piece because of the time and effort I put into it. It took a lot of decisions to get it where it is at today. I need to get a couple quotes for plexiglass and a frame for it, see if I can afford it before the senior exhibit. I believe that since it’s a larger piece, it can be hung with L-hooks.

Today- I got many photos printed, including some skulls and the ones for my multi-media projects. I even got a few mounted! I was able to transfer the images to the boards for the multi-media woodcuts. Also, I stained a concrete table today. One side I did a geometric print, it didn’t turn out how I wanted. So I was able to flip it and did a blue marbling effect on the back. I can’t wait to see it after the epoxy is put on. Hopefully my mom enjoys it enough to put in front of the house. It’s either that or use it as a table for my artwork.

Tomorrow- Edit more skull photographs, get those printed. Start carving multi-media boards and body triptych.

Friday- Work on body triptych and some letterpress. I haven’t done letterpress in a while and would like to get a few quotes printed. I have a long list and my paper supply is almost out! I do have a black sheet of Stonehenge that I could use the silver ink on again for a couple.

With senior exhibit approaching soon, I have my artist statement, bio, and press release written up. I still need to work on the 50 people mailing list. After that, we need to figure out the exhibit layout. Poster and postcard are done and should be mailed soon. I can finish up some work by mounting and framing and it should be ready to go for April 22! I need to work on my artist talk which should last 10 minutes and have about a 20 slide presentation. I don’t think it’ll be too bad since it’s mostly peers and family members.

Graduation is a month away! With that being said, I enrolled in my two summer courses. Jewelry 2 with the same teacher I had before. And a sculpture class… This one is a weird interest. I recently finished a book called The Bone Parade. It is about a serial killer but uses the bodies to create artwork. He makes molds of the bodies with looks of anguish and pain on their faces and creates bronze statues. It got me interested in working in a foundry and pouring molds. When I was trying to decide between ceramics and sculpture, I noticed that in sculpture one of the materials is bronze. That was the deciding factor. I’m excited for both of these classes. Most students don’t have the opportunity to work with metals and pouring them into molds.

I’ll update during or after exhibit and graduation. We will see how busy things get and how stressed out I become.


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