Blog Post for fourth critique (both classes)

Today in critique 3, I had Li-Lin and Rion. Li-Lin suggested that I include letterpress to tie the components of my multi-media pieces together. She brought up One and Three Chairs by Joseph Kosuth of 1965. The story gives depth and meaning. Rion thought I could use a quote directly from the people. I had intended to originally do this with Jan’s woodcut. But after today, I realized what I could use for my mom’s. Every year on St. Patrick’s Day I ask her if she’s wearing green. She always pulls at her shirt so to see it better. I always have to tell her, “that’s blue” in which she responds, “oops, I tried.” Others might not get the reference from her eye condition to it being why she can’t see colors. But I do think the relationship is referenced in her smile in the photograph. Both are interactions between her and I which are real and how she deals with life.

I also asked Rion a little bit about lighting with photography. He suggested how to photograph the skulls with the bubbles and how to take a photograph without such a harsh shadow.

Most of the work for this critique will be in the senior exhibit. I ordered some larger matte photo paper to use for my skull series. I met with Rhona and discussed how I could make my photographs better. I got my frame ordered for my skull triptych. Also, got my woodcuts done for the mixed-media projects.

I want to find more people and conditions to do for multi-media projects. I think this is something I can turn into a series.

April 26th- senior exhibit is hung up. I discussed with Malcolm yesterday about my work. He thinks it all has potential to expand and become more. He thought that the mixed media pieces could be done as poster size and be used as awareness for organizations. I’m going to submit my artwork to a First Friday gallery in Kansas City. I plan to use my ceramic pieces along with my photographs and woodcuts.

I also want to find more skulls to photograph. I plan to carry this theme of skulls into my summer classes at JCCC. I’m still working on my body triptych. I just have the background color to do which I’m still deciding how to accomplish well.

Jacqueline Denton:

Jacque has been working large scale for the senior exhibit. Her pieces give more of a sense of space and that the viewer is in the space with the subject because of the larger scale. The paints she used are very similar to the markers she normally uses on the smaller scale. I’m wondering how drastically her images would change if she did a neon background with black subjects in them.

Britney Walton:

I like the theme of comfort she has been using and carrying into other mediums. I do believe she could zoom in even further on her objects like she did with the first of her comforter. She could also ask others of what their ideas of comfort are. I would also like to see some color added into the prints. I had talked with her last week and she thought about doing something other than prints but with the same theme. I liked this idea because it expands knowledge and skill with different mediums.


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