After finishing summer classes, there is a pause within making art.

In the metal and silver-smithing class, I created a reticulated silver necklace which had an ocean theme. The next project was a Viking weave that I turned into an ankle bracelet. This was the easiest project to create. I would like to create more of them and play with sizes but finishing the piece requires soldering. I did a silver cast ring with two bezel stone sets of onyx. The ring is a statement ring in the shape of a spider. It’s one of the pieces I enjoy to wear most. I would like to create more bezel stone rings. The last project was etching and I decided toΒ  take the project a step further and add enameling to it. I used one of my own photos for the etching which was transferred using P&P paper. I used wet packing enamel in a few different colors. The piece ended up being a jump ring nickel bracelet with the etched and enameled discs hung off of it. I gave this piece to my mother as a birthday present. (I’ll get pictures up soon of all my pieces.)


For sculpture class, I found the projects and pieces easy to complete. The first had multiple steps which included wax casting and then doing a lost wax metal cast. I used a femur bone and created 3 wax castings. I then linked those pieces around each other like a chain. One bone is smooth, another textured, and another with holes in it. After casting the piece and cutting the gates off, I polished and painted red on it. I added floss as a second material and titled the piece “Eating Away At The Bone.” The second project was a wood project made from 2″x4″s. We glued, planed, and cut out the shapes we needed, then glued again. I created a grenade and painted it pink with some silver to look worn. This idea came from the idea of the military causing death to create life. I displayed this piece in a pink baby crib with black fabric. The last piece was made from 1/4″ steel rod. I created rings of different sizes and welded them onto another bent piece of rod. This shape was intended to resemble a female’s body. The bottom of the piece resembles a mermaid. I stood the piece in a piece of wood painted blue and glued shells onto it.

After taking these classes, I would like to continue working in sculpture and jewelry. I have decided to buy Photoshop so I can continue with my photography. And that way I can take decent pictures of my other projects and place them on here.


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