New art

I was recently at the Plaza in KC and ran across a pop up art gallery. I wanted to share some of the artists and their ideas.

Smart Glass Jewelry takes glass bottles and recycles them into jewelry. They have earrings and necklaces of different colors. The card that comes within the packaging tells what kind of bottles the piece is made of. The artist recently started working with Coca Cola with this idea.


Ruff House Art is a letterpress studio based in Lawrence, Kansas. My favorite of their projects is their seeded work. The papers can be planted when finished using and flowers will bloom from it.


Snooter-doots are crazy felted animals and objects. My favorite was a snowman piece.


Sage Designs include coasters, jewelry, and wall frames of skeleton leaves. These leaves are placed in chemicals which eat away at the cells leaving the vein system behind. The vein system is then dyed different colors. This artwork is truly one of a kind and I recommend checking it out.


Mike Mullen Photography was one that stood out because of his metal prints. The finish of the metal worked perfectly with his grayscale photographs.


Another photography piece, KaleideEscapes by LaGrave Designs was something new to me. I had the chance to talk with this artist. She used to travel for work and would use the photographs that she has taken and turned them into intricate pieces. She hand cuts her photographs to make a kaleidoscope out of them. She then layers these pieces within a shadow box frame. Some have a square background but others stand free and are the shape of the object she photographed.


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